Customer Reviews

Callie from Berlin Germany

Import Manager

I met Haihong Xintang at Hong Kong International Outdoor and Technology Lighting Exhibition. At that time, I just left the contact information. Although Haihong Xintang has been tirelessly following up on our cooperation, our company has a strict supplier review process. From 2014 to 2016 years, we had no cooperation. During the period, we still participated in each session of the Hong Kong lighting exhibition. Haihong Xintang has also been an exhibitor, and every time they send a message to visit their booth politely.

Until in the end of 2016, the suppliers we worked with had problems. We were told the goods can not to be delivered. If the goods could not be delivered on time, we would lose nearly 500,000 US dollars. As a last resort, we tried to talk to Haihong Xintang, and finally began to cooperate for the first time. Although the first cooperation tried with large orders, we could not do anything about it. Finally, we are pleasantly surprised that Haihong Xintang not only has an advantage in price, but also is very skilled in quality control. I am very grateful to Haihong Xintang for timely follow-up with the goods and deliver on time.